Road Builders Wage Rate Updates


TO: MITA Union Contractors

FROM:  Michael A. Nystrom, Executive Vice President/Secretary

RE: Road Builders Wage Rate Updates

In accordance with the current Road Agreements between the Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association and the Unions listed below, the following wage rates will become effective the first full pay period on or after June 1, 2012.
Please be advised that the wage rates for the Detroit and Southeast Carpenters is still pending.  According to the union, these rates should be ratified sometime by the close of business on June 1.  The rates will be posted on the MITA website as soon as they become available.
Cement Masons’ International Association (click here to view/print rates)

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324 (click here to view/print rates)

Michigan Laborers’ District Council (click here to view/print rates)

Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters – Outstate (click here to view/print rates)

Michigan Teamsters Joint Council 43 (click here to view/print rates)

Contact Mike Nystrom at, or call the MITA office (517) 347-8336 with any questions.